HP Pro™ PWC Docking Platform

Spend More Time on the Water Protect your craft and enjoy fast, convenient access to the water with the HP Pro™. Features include an exclusive bow bumper that slows your craft’s forward motion and provide a soft rest for the keel. A tapered entry with dual bow rollers help center your craft. In-line rollers make […]

HP Extreme™ PWC Docking Platform

The HP Extreme™ is the easiest load and launch of any PWC docking platform on the market. Your PWC will be fully roller-supported utilizing high-performance rollers and placement that is easily adjustable to accommodate any craft. The platform is made from ultra-tough Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE) and filled with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Marine Foam for increased […]

Refurbished Lifts

A refurbished HydroHoist lift is another option available for storing your boat out of water. Other than the tanks, this lift is furnished with all-new components. The tanks are washed, tested for leaks, and repainted like new. Refurbished lifts are built with brand new components which means the first major maintenance should be around 17-19 years after […]