Frequently Asked Questions

Boat Lifts

Why Buy A Boat Lift?

Protection – HydroHoist boat lifts keep your investment safely out of the water and away from damage by utilizing quality components and manufacturing procedures.

Low Maintenance – Keeps hull clean, prevents marine growth from accumulating on
outdrive, hull can easily be sprayed off and wiped down when the boat is on a HydroHoist®
Boat Lift and keeps the boat looking new for years to come.

Ready To Go – A HydroHoist® Boat Lift gives you immediate access to the water and far
superior to trailering or dry stack storage.

What makes HydroHoist better than the competition?

The main difference comes from the quality components that are used on every HydroHoist. The design of the tanks give them extra strength. The increased hose diameter allows HydroHoist to be the fastest moving boat lift. It almost cuts the wait time in half. The new arm components have more than doubled the lift’s strength. All of this while competitors are still using old parts off the shelf. HydroHoist has proven, by testing the strength of the components, a record for quality and performance.

Can my HydroHoist be converted to lift a pontoon boat?

If you have a HydroHoist Boat Lift, yes, it can be converted to lift a pontoon boat. The process is simple and only requires changing your pads to be in operation. Please give us a call for help!

Can a boat lift be moved from one boat dock to another?

Yes, you can move a boat lift from one dock to another, but keep in mind the size of the new slip. If the new slip is larger than the previous one, you may need additional parts. Please do not attempt moving a lift on your own. This could lead to damage for both your boat and the lift. Call a professional.

How much water do I need for a boat lift to work?

This is an important question. The average HydroHoist Boat Lift uses 4.5 ft. of water during operation. Keep in mind that this is allowing enough room to float your boat over the pads of the boat lift. Most competitors will tell you how much water it takes to just get the pads wet and then leave out the amount of room it takes for your boat to float over the boat lift. If you purchase a HydroHoist Shallow Water lift, it only takes 3 ft. of water to operate. It is the best lift in the industry for shallow water operation.