Shock IQ

Prevent Electric Shock Drowning

This new device made by Dock IQ has the potential to save lives. Shock IQ is a device that will not only measure the voltage in the water but cut power to the dock if it senses an issue. Shock IQ now features a mobile app that allows you to look at real time voltage levels as well as voltage history on your dock.


  • Monitor your dock frame & water for stray electricity
  • Shuts off power to the dock when electricity is detected (*Functional GFCI required)
  • Activates siren & warning light
  • Intelligently monitors your dock’s circuitry
  • 24 hour battery backup
  • See real-time voltage levels in the water via the ShockIQ Mobile App
  • Instantly sends texts & alerts to friends & family via the ShockIQ Mobile App
  • Identifies & alerts you if you have a faulty GFCI