Dock IQ

The latest in dock security

Paired with the Dock IQ application on your mobile device this system gives you peace of mind when you are away from your dock.

Camera Systems:

With the simple tap on a screen your dock is armed and ready for any unwanted visitors. Dock IQ has a sophisticated camera system that actually scans for a person on your dock. Once the camera detects movement it sends a picture to a cloud based artificial intelligence system. Once the system reviews the image and detects an actual person it sounds the alarm and notifies you that someone is on your dock. This system works great for the constant movement on a dock, keeping away all those unwanted notifications from other systems on the market.


  • Remotely arm & disarm dock security, even turn dock lights off or on!
  • View your dock in real time, from anywhere
  • Get notified & track your dock via GPS if it swings or breaks away
  • Unlimited storage for on demand photos & security events.
  • See current lake levels this Alerts you when to move your dock in or out
  • Alerts you to trespassers on your dock & turns on lights & alarm
  • Display shows if your dock has power or not.
  • Uses AI technology to confirm people are in the images & on your dock